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For the last couple of weeks, I've been asking my mamas at Stroller Strides for something they are thankful for. In fact, we dedicated an entire class to it last week.

At one point, one of my amazing instructors sighed and said, "I'm thankful for moms who get it."

Moms who get it. We are those moms. We get it when mornings get hard. When you roll into class 15 minutes late, kiddo still in jammies, a barely toasted frozen waffle in his hands, barely touched coffee in yours. But you made it. We will celebrate you, celebrate your child, celebrate the bond you share with the moms around you. The moms who get it.

When I had my first baby, I remember feeling like there couldn't possibly be anyone else out there who felt the way I felt. Did anyone else sit in a recliner all day watching CSI reruns, certain that if crime techs were to shine their black lights over your living room, they would find far too much breastmilk and spit up? Did other moms start to cry at 7:00 every evening out of sheer exhaustion, terrified of what the night would bring? I wasn't sure....


I don’t know about you, but I love bags. Like, LOVE them. I have purses and backpacks and messenger bags and overnight bags and weekend bags GALORE. I love patterns and different sizes and I love packing them full of things for daytrips or weekends away with the family.

There have been a couple pretty special bags in my life, though. Three, in particular. These are the bags I packed, very carefully and with plenty of love, for the trip to the hospital to give birth to my babies. I spent hours scouring blogs and websites to find the perfect things to pack. With my first baby, I packed enough to move in for a week (and it was ready two months before I was due!). By the time my third rolled around, I had it down to a science, packing only exactly what I would need for the overnight trip, and nothing more.

Now, a company has come along to make this packing a bit easier! Best Ever Baby has put together fabulous bags perfect for the new mama in your life. Every quarter, about 25,000 of these kits are given out across the country to expecting mamas by their birthing...


When I first started on my Body Back journey, it was after a year of waiting. Longing to be a part of this program. Why did I wait so long? An unexpected pregnancy, that’s why. Just as Body Back came to my franchise, I found out I was expecting a third child. Right on the heels of my 2nd kiddo. Instead I started running and continued Stroller Strides.

By the time I joined Body Back, I was already fairly fit, fairly strong, and chomping at the bit to see what I could do. My first set of goals? Get strong. That was it. I didn’t care about losing weight. That number didn’t matter. I cared about getting strong and seeing how strong I could get. The number I focused on was my 9 minute mile. My 1 sit up. The couple of pushups I could do. The 40-something squats. Those were my numbers to beat.

And then I started. And in true Katy fashion, I went full out. I’m an all or nothing gal, and I’d promised Hilary I’d give it everything. And I did. Luckily, the meal plan foods were yummy and easy (my top two qualifications). The workouts were fun, and I was doing it with other women...


Body Back is an amazing program that takes your fitness to the next level. Whether your child is one or 21, this is the program for you! Meet the ladies who are going to bring it to you in 2015!

Julie and Katy met in 2004 working retail. All it took was one lunch together to realize this was one of those "once in a lifetime" friendships. We've been through 5 pregnancies and births between the two of us, a marriage, a divorce, a ridiculous amount of french fries, and so much shopping...We refer to one another as "unbiological sisters". As in, we've chosen to be each others' family. On an annual Portland trip 2 years ago, Katy talked Julie into becoming a Fit4Mom instructor, just so they'd have something else super rad to do together. The two spent a fair bit of time trying to figure out how they could make working for the same franchise a reality, and finally sorted the logistics out in October. Katy and Julie manage the Body Back program for SE King County with Kristy Fassio. The plan? Take over the world. But to start? Just help the moms of East and SE King County...


I'm sitting here in a coffee shop, by myself, mind you, getting ready to teach my first Body Back session in a year. I can't even believe it's been that long! It got me thinking, though, about what the term "Body Back" means to me. If you're going to take this life changing class, I want you to know exactly what's on my mind!

Let me be very clear about something. YOUR BODY DIDN'T GO ANYWHERE WHEN YOU WERE PREGNANT. It changed, yes. You had hormones rushing through you at an alarming rate. You grew in areas you didn't think were possible. Areas of your body were puffy and sore and tired. Tastes changed, and quite possibly, your hair did as well (I have actual curl in my hair when previously it was stick straight!). If you adopted a child, your body went through the process of waiting. And quite possibly more waiting. Your heart knew there was a baby or a child out there that was all yours, and your arms ached to hold him or her. Make no mistake, your body changed, too. You also became a mother. Arms change when they are now holding the weight of a child. Legs change when...


I hear it ALL THE TIME.

"I'd love to try your class, but I'm just not sure my child would stay in the stroller that long!"

Let me put you at ease. I've been doing this for 7 years now. Yes, there are kids that take a bit longer than others to get how cool we are. Yes, kids go through stages where they just don't want to be buckled up (my daughter was the QUEEN of screaming one winter until we figured out the best way to entertain her!). And of course, kids are kids, so they are going to have their grumpy days.

All of those reasons are exactly why we exist. If your child starts acting up in the gym daycare, guess what? They call you over the loud speaker, you leave the treadmill, and then you either calm them down or go home. If your child gets grumpy in Stroller Strides, your friendly neighborhood instructor dispatches their arsenal of kid pleasing tactics - be it bubbles, toys, songs or crayons, your instructor thrives on being able to coax a smile from even the most cranky of kiddos, all while making you sweat! Amazing, right?

Truthfully though, kids...


Name: Gina Eason

The rest of my family is: Matt, Owen & Logan

My Stroller Strides location: Sammamish/Issaquah

I was born in: Portland, OR

My high school mascot was: Cavalier

One thing I’m really proud of is: being able to work out up until my due date & start back with Stroller Strides 6 weeks later!

One thing we love to do as a family is: go to the beach

One thing I’d LOVE for us to do as a family is: go back to Maui!

The best thing I’ve done for my health is: joined SS!

My favorite part about being a Stroller Strides member is: the great work outs with awesome mamas & the fun play dates afterward

Something you might not know about me: I love crafting & making photo books

My goal for 2013-2014: continue to attend SS at least 3 times a week & to appreciate my two kiddos


Welcome to the newest part of our blog, our Featured Mom of the Month! We LOVE showing off the awesomeness of our moms - read on to find out what Jackie loves about Stroller Strides!

Name: Jackie Happel

The rest of my family is: Husband Evan, son Justus and baby boy due in Dec. 2013!

My Stroller Strides location: Kent/Maple Valley

I was born in: Seattle, WA

My high school mascot was: Conquerors!

One thing I’m really proud of is: My husband and I have been debt free for about 3 years and plan to stay that way (other than our new house!)

One thing we love to do as a family is: Still figuring this out…when we do find ourselves with downtime, we just like to chill!

One thing I’d LOVE for us to do as a family is: Do a road trip!

The best thing I’ve done for my health is: Make exercise a part of my everyday life to where I don’t even think of it as exercise, it’s just my routine.

My favorite part about being a Stroller Strides member is: It’s affordable! It’s a community of women who are parents where you can grow &...


Name: Kristy Fassio

The rest of my family is: Michael, Bella (6), Charlotte (4) and Little Man (due in October!)

I teach: Everywhere! Sammamish, Issaquah, Kent, Maple Valley, Covington, and soon Federal Way!

I was born in: Spokane, WA

My high school mascot was: Highlander

One thing I’m really proud of is: Stroller Strides! I am proud of the business I have grown, and each and every mom that comes through! It is an amazing program to be part of and I am one proud owner!

One thing we love to do as a family is: Travel! We love car trips that take us near and far to new places to explore!

One thing I’d LOVE for us to do as a family is: Go abroad! We have yet to take the girls over the ocean, and we’d love to take them to Paris!

The best thing I’ve done for my health is: Wait for it . . . Stroller Strides! It has given me a very deep love of fitness that I am passing down to my kiddos.

My favorite part about being a Stroller Strides instructor is: Watching moms push through their preconceptions about how their body moves. I’ve...


Here at Fit4Mom SE King County, we are blessed to have amazing instructors! Let me introduce you to Lauren!!

Name: Lauren Hatcher

The rest of my family is: Justin, Aiden (5), & Isaac (3)

I teach in: Kent and Maple Valley

I was born in: Tacoma, WA

My high school mascot was: Hornets

One thing I’m really proud of is: completing my most recent half marathon, I had a personal best time

One thing we love to do as a family is: go camping

One thing I’d LOVE for us to do as a family is: take a Disney cruise

The best thing I’ve done for my health is: take “me” time, whether it is working out at Stroller Strides, going for a run, or attending my weekly Girl’s Nights

My favorite part about being a Stroller Strides instructor is: getting to meet moms and knowing that I’m helping them take a step forward toward being healthy and setting an example for their children

Something you might not know about me: I lived in Saudi Arabia when I was in Kindergarten and 1st grade and I’ve worked at Walt Disney World

My goal for...

FIT4MOM of King County, WA offers fitness classes for moms

Spring is upon us, and the sunny weather is making me want to bring this program to so many more moms!! It just doesn't seem fair that we get to have all the fun, right?

Here's what's changing!!

Our name! The new, official name of the franchise is changing to Fit4Mom of SE King County (totally fancy, eh?). Why the change? Because we just adopted! Not only do we offer classes in Maple Valley, Kent, Covington, Issaquah and Sammamish, very soon we'll have classes in Federal Way! Want more? How about Snoqualmie, Burien and North Bend? Those are in the works? Because of all the additions, we needed a name that more accurately described where we are. It's not perfect, but it does the job!! The Facebook pages WILL NOT be changing, so don't panic!! Each location will get their own page to keep up on all the local happenings!

What else is changing?

Our website, for one. We will no longer be operating on two different sites. The new site name will be and the new link to register...

Stroller Strides and Body Back classes in King County, WA

Welcome to our Fit4Mom blog! We are so excited to be expanding Stroller Strides and Body Back classes in the King County area. With all of our programs, we are about giving women the strength for motherhood. How can we do that with this blog? Do you want recipe and workout ideas? Or do you need mommy life balance tips? How about local family events in the area? We look forward to growing with you!


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