A note from Katy

When I first started on my Body Back journey, it was after a year of waiting. Longing to be a part of this program. Why did I wait so long? An unexpected pregnancy, that’s why. Just as Body Back came to my franchise, I found out I was expecting a third child. Right on the heels of my 2nd kiddo. Instead I started running and continued Stroller Strides.

By the time I joined Body Back, I was already fairly fit, fairly strong, and chomping at the bit to see what I could do. My first set of goals? Get strong. That was it. I didn’t care about losing weight. That number didn’t matter. I cared about getting strong and seeing how strong I could get. The number I focused on was my 9 minute mile. My 1 sit up. The couple of pushups I could do. The 40-something squats. Those were my numbers to beat.

And then I started. And in true Katy fashion, I went full out. I’m an all or nothing gal, and I’d promised Hilary I’d give it everything. And I did. Luckily, the meal plan foods were yummy and easy (my top two qualifications). The workouts were fun, and I was doing it with other women I adored. That part was the easy part. The numbers kept shifting. Weight and inches going down, pushups and squats going up, and that 9 minute mile became, eventually, a 7:40.

The hard part, the part that I didn’t think I needed was the emotional stuff. The moments when our coach asked us our “why”. Asked us where we saw ourselves in a year. Asked us the hard questions that nobody wants to believe they have to ask. The questions that don’t have anything to do with how many bicep curls you can do, but everything to do with how your heart feels.

THAT, friends, is where I made my changes. In my head and my heart. It’s where I found myself, lost myself, and found myself again. It’s how I came back to me. It’s where I found the strength to be who I am today. It how I found the passion to lead you in finding yourself, in guiding you back to who you are in your soul.

Yes, Body Back is about taking control over your body; getting your body back to a level you’re happy with, proud of. But it’s also about getting back to you. Taking back the YOU that gets lost in diapers and nursing and parenting and partnering. YOU deserve this time. YOU deserve to be who you want to be.

We want to help you find that...mind, body, heart. Oh, and along the way? We’re going to help you learn to eat well, feed your family well, and kick some serious booty.

You ready?

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