Don't GET your Body Back - TAKE IT (Just not in the way you might be thinking!)

I'm sitting here in a coffee shop, by myself, mind you, getting ready to teach my first Body Back session in a year. I can't even believe it's been that long! It got me thinking, though, about what the term "Body Back" means to me. If you're going to take this life changing class, I want you to know exactly what's on my mind!

Let me be very clear about something. YOUR BODY DIDN'T GO ANYWHERE WHEN YOU WERE PREGNANT. It changed, yes. You had hormones rushing through you at an alarming rate. You grew in areas you didn't think were possible. Areas of your body were puffy and sore and tired. Tastes changed, and quite possibly, your hair did as well (I have actual curl in my hair when previously it was stick straight!). If you adopted a child, your body went through the process of waiting. And quite possibly more waiting. Your heart knew there was a baby or a child out there that was all yours, and your arms ached to hold him or her. Make no mistake, your body changed, too. You also became a mother. Arms change when they are now holding the weight of a child. Legs change when they are up at night, rocking children back to sleep.

My point here is that no matter how you became a mother, your body changed, but you don't need it back. It didn't up and leave you. It did a very important job and it deserves nothing but love and respect.

Instead, I'm going to be asking you to TAKE your body back. Take it back from what society says your body needs to be. Take it back from the needless, senseless barrage of negative thoughts it is hit with every day. Take it back from the comments from strangers, the "fitspo" that demands you be a set of abs and nothing else. Take it back and LOVE IT. Take BACK your strength, your strut, your confidence. Turn those negative thoughts that tell you you're not enough into loving thoughts that tell you on a daily basis that you are worthy. Deserving. Beautiful. Amazing. Use exercise and food as a means of treating your body with respect. A body that gave you a child. A body that works tirelessly every day to get kids out the door to the bus stop, sits up at night to soothe a fever or send away a bad dream, and cheers on the first steps with a ferocity usually reserved for Superbowl wins (Go Hawks!).

Your body is an amazing gift. Let's start treating it that way. Take your body back and make it your own again. I can't wait to help.

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