"I'm thankful for moms who get it"

For the last couple of weeks, I've been asking my mamas at Stroller Strides for something they are thankful for. In fact, we dedicated an entire class to it last week.

At one point, one of my amazing instructors sighed and said, "I'm thankful for moms who get it."

Moms who get it. We are those moms. We get it when mornings get hard. When you roll into class 15 minutes late, kiddo still in jammies, a barely toasted frozen waffle in his hands, barely touched coffee in yours. But you made it. We will celebrate you, celebrate your child, celebrate the bond you share with the moms around you. The moms who get it.

When I had my first baby, I remember feeling like there couldn't possibly be anyone else out there who felt the way I felt. Did anyone else sit in a recliner all day watching CSI reruns, certain that if crime techs were to shine their black lights over your living room, they would find far too much breastmilk and spit up? Did other moms start to cry at 7:00 every evening out of sheer exhaustion, terrified of what the night would bring? I wasn't sure.

Enter a redhead with a jogging stroller (yes, even back then it was owned by a redhead). I listened when she told me about a workout I could do with my stroller, and took a chance that maybe, just maybe, I could find a safe place.

My story really isn't that original. I hear it over and over when I talk to clients, instructors, and other franchisees. It never gets old, and always give me goosebumps. It usually makes me tear up. We were all looking for our village. The workouts are top notch, obviously, and we have the best instructors around. But I have a feeling that's not what makes moms drag themselves out of the house in the morning. After all, I can get a workout with any number of celebrities in my living room. What motivates moms to haul a stroller out of their car in the morning is the smile they know they will get when they wheel over to the circle of moms. The hug they can give to the mom next to them who has been up since 4 am. Seeing the look on their kid's face when they see their friends. Spending an hour reconnecting to a body that they are getting to know again.

It's magic. I'm thankful for every class I teach. And just like my beautiful instructor, I'm thankful for moms that get it.

If you're in Maple Valley, Covington or Kent and are looking for your village, come find us here. Not from around here? Find your village here. Somewhere there is a group that is waiting to celebrate YOU.

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