Is this YOUR excuse for not trying your first Stroller Strides class?

I hear it ALL THE TIME.

"I'd love to try your class, but I'm just not sure my child would stay in the stroller that long!"

Let me put you at ease. I've been doing this for 7 years now. Yes, there are kids that take a bit longer than others to get how cool we are. Yes, kids go through stages where they just don't want to be buckled up (my daughter was the QUEEN of screaming one winter until we figured out the best way to entertain her!). And of course, kids are kids, so they are going to have their grumpy days.

All of those reasons are exactly why we exist. If your child starts acting up in the gym daycare, guess what? They call you over the loud speaker, you leave the treadmill, and then you either calm them down or go home. If your child gets grumpy in Stroller Strides, your friendly neighborhood instructor dispatches their arsenal of kid pleasing tactics - be it bubbles, toys, songs or crayons, your instructor thrives on being able to coax a smile from even the most cranky of kiddos, all while making you sweat! Amazing, right?

Truthfully though, kids love us. They love the energy, they love hearing their moms sing to them, they love watching their mommies jump and dance and run and even SWEAT! The kids also love knowing that after mom gets her workout in, they get to hop out of the stroller and play with their new friends! You'd be amazed at how many kids get out and start imitating what they just saw mom do - talk about being a fabulous role model for how fun movement can be!

At Stroller Strides, your first class is ALWAYS free. The only way to know how your child (or you!) will react is to try us out! So what are you waiting for? Head over to our registration tab and claim your free class today! We'll be on the lookout for you!

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