Meet Gina!! Our Issaquah/Sammamish Play Date Captain!

Name: Gina Eason

The rest of my family is: Matt, Owen & Logan

My Stroller Strides location: Sammamish/Issaquah

I was born in: Portland, OR

My high school mascot was: Cavalier

One thing I’m really proud of is: being able to work out up until my due date & start back with Stroller Strides 6 weeks later!

One thing we love to do as a family is: go to the beach

One thing I’d LOVE for us to do as a family is: go back to Maui!

The best thing I’ve done for my health is: joined SS!

My favorite part about being a Stroller Strides member is: the great work outs with awesome mamas & the fun play dates afterward

Something you might not know about me: I love crafting & making photo books

My goal for 2013-2014: continue to attend SS at least 3 times a week & to appreciate my two kiddos

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