Meet our NEW Body Back Managers!

Body Back is an amazing program that takes your fitness to the next level. Whether your child is one or 21, this is the program for you! Meet the ladies who are going to bring it to you in 2015!

Julie and Katy met in 2004 working retail. All it took was one lunch together to realize this was one of those "once in a lifetime" friendships. We've been through 5 pregnancies and births between the two of us, a marriage, a divorce, a ridiculous amount of french fries, and so much shopping...We refer to one another as "unbiological sisters". As in, we've chosen to be each others' family. On an annual Portland trip 2 years ago, Katy talked Julie into becoming a Fit4Mom instructor, just so they'd have something else super rad to do together. The two spent a fair bit of time trying to figure out how they could make working for the same franchise a reality, and finally sorted the logistics out in October. Katy and Julie manage the Body Back program for SE King County with Kristy Fassio. The plan? Take over the world. But to start? Just help the moms of East and SE King County get mentally and physically strong. Katy and Julie inspire through their special brand of crazy and silly...it'll be hard, but we promise it'll be fun.

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