FIT4MOM of King County, WA offers fitness classes for moms

Things are changing around here!! We're EXPANDING!

Spring is upon us, and the sunny weather is making me want to bring this program to so many more moms!! It just doesn't seem fair that we get to have all the fun, right?

Here's what's changing!!

Our name! The new, official name of the franchise is changing to Fit4Mom of SE King County (totally fancy, eh?). Why the change? Because we just adopted! Not only do we offer classes in Maple Valley, Kent, Covington, Issaquah and Sammamish, very soon we'll have classes in Federal Way! Want more? How about Snoqualmie, Burien and North Bend? Those are in the works? Because of all the additions, we needed a name that more accurately described where we are. It's not perfect, but it does the job!! The Facebook pages WILL NOT be changing, so don't panic!! Each location will get their own page to keep up on all the local happenings!

What else is changing?

Our website, for one. We will no longer be operating on two different sites. The new site name will be and the new link to register for classes or log into your account is If you were registered before, don't worry, everything has been transferred over. We're taking good care of you!

Did I mention more Body Back as well? In the coming months look for more sessions of Body Back in the Issaquah area, Maple Valley, and more. Want Body Back in your area? Send me an e-mail and we'll see what we can do!

If you're someone who loves our programs and what they have done for you, will you do me the immense favor of telling a friend? Or two? We grow because you share! I consider it the highest of compliments to hear that a new mom tried us out because a friend shared her love of Stroller Strides. Spread the love!

Also, if you're a motivated, high energy fitness professional who is looking for a way to merge your career and motherhood, check out our careers tab for info on how you can join our team!

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