What was in YOUR bringing home baby bag?

I don’t know about you, but I love bags. Like, LOVE them. I have purses and backpacks and messenger bags and overnight bags and weekend bags GALORE. I love patterns and different sizes and I love packing them full of things for daytrips or weekends away with the family.

There have been a couple pretty special bags in my life, though. Three, in particular. These are the bags I packed, very carefully and with plenty of love, for the trip to the hospital to give birth to my babies. I spent hours scouring blogs and websites to find the perfect things to pack. With my first baby, I packed enough to move in for a week (and it was ready two months before I was due!). By the time my third rolled around, I had it down to a science, packing only exactly what I would need for the overnight trip, and nothing more.

Now, a company has come along to make this packing a bit easier! Best Ever Baby has put together fabulous bags perfect for the new mama in your life. Every quarter, about 25,000 of these kits are given out across the country to expecting mamas by their birthing centers and their hospitals. The kits are packed with products from all natural companies to make those first few days with your baby a bit easier. Yogi lacation tea, Motherlove personal care items, and even a chlorine free diaper. My favorite part, though? A FREE WEEK of FIT4MOM classes! What could be better than that??

Even better, you can head to BestEverBaby.com and download their FREE, downloadable eBook about preparing for birth, including a free birth plan! You may run across your favorite FIT4MOM program in there, too, along with an excellent article by our Chief Founding Mom, Lisa Druxman.

My question for you is, whether you were packing a bag to head to the hospital, a birth center, your living room or even to hop on a plane and go halfway around the world to meet your child for the first time, what was on your hospital checklist (or your adoption checklist?)? What was the BEST item packed in your bag? What did you look at later and laugh because it was incredibly not needed? Any advice for the new mama as she prepares for this life changing moment?

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